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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


i love books. i'm probably not the only one who does, but trust me, a lot of people laugh at me when i say i love reading. sorry, if whoever you are reading this, thinks the same. but there's nothing you can possibly do. i love books. i really do. lol.

anyway, today was ok. oh, before i forget, i arrive at school approximately around 7am, even if my class doesn't start til 8:31am. it sucks, but yes, i do have to wait for an hour and a half, sitting at the cafeteria (or walking around campus) doing nothing, waiting for 8:30 so i can go to my first class. well, what can i do? my mom has work 7:30am, so she has to drop me off to school at 7am. *sigh* so today, that's what i did. wait, wait, and wait. so when i finally get to my first class for the day, i'm like the only student who was actually HAPPY being there. (i know, Jessica, shut up. lol)

hsbfaiygraksbdaygr!!! i'm so sleepy, im saying random things here. help.me.out. uggghh wake upppp! anyway, today was a normal day, except for this one thing that was bothering enough to leave me thinking and wondering for the rest of the day. until now actually. and that one thing, i can not mention. sorrryyy.

so after school, i met up with bea at he parking lot. we went to go eat at Aloha Kitchen, together with her other friend. I forgot her name, sorry, too sleepy. lol. i eat sloooowww, so it took us about an hour just eating there. lol. after that, bea dropped me off at the meadows mall cause my mom's picking me up there at around 4. so that's that. at the mall, i was bored as hell. i was dead tired, and so damn sleepy, i was looking for somewhere i could possibly SIT, withouth people bugging me. surprisingly though, there were alot of people at the mall today (how weird), so there wasn't any vacant spots i could sit at and call serenity. so i walked around, looking like im drunk (yes, that's how tired and sleepy i was, i barely got any sleep last night okay!). until...

*flashback to my first paragraph*

i went in the borders express store. i hate this store, really. because im all for barnes&nobles woooot woooot!! lol. but it was okay. so yea it took me about 30 minutes browsing through the books, before i decided to buy them. i bought two (young adult) books. the other book was 7.99 and the other one was 17.99! would you believe that? but guess what? i still bought them. hehe. i dunno, i was interested. i read the storyline, and i DID look at it for 30 minutes, so should be worth the money right?

okay, i don't have anything more to say.

*back to reading*

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

first day high!

whooaaa. i already forgot i had a blog lol. well no one reads this crap anyways so i can talk all i want and express my feelings.. no one's gonna know. ;)

okay, first off.. school started yesterday!! aaaacccckkk! i HATE waking up in the morning! but oh well, first day was fun.. everybody was shocked i went back, i mean yaknow, i was gone for 2 years after all. but im glad my good buddies still remembered me. yeeey! =D i got tired though, cmon! no one told me western high is so freakin HUGE now! i can get lost, seriously. they have the 100, 300, and 500 rooms on the new building, which by the way is three stories high. 0_0! there's also the 800 hall, the S portables on the other end, and on the other, far-end side, is the high-tech center. WTF? no wonder they extended the time during passing periods, cause NOBODY can make it to class on time in just 6 minutes! impossible. wow i talk a lot, don't i? bleehh.. i don't even think i'm gonna post this entry. so much bullshit on it haha. oh and after school, i went to the mall wit mark, rhan, and dana. mark (the other mark) and AA dropped us off at the mall and yea we stayed there 'til about 3:30 or sumthing, then my mom picked me up and then yea.

today was even more fun though! right after school, i met up with bea at the high-tech center, her car's parked there (yes she has a car now. a cool one! wooooot!) then Gian called me and he said he wanted to go wherever we were going, so we picked him up. I haven't seen the guy in like a year or so, since he moved to washington, but i'm so glad he's back! I missed you Gian!! anyway, he's still the same guy, he was sitting in the back an i was sitting on the passenger's seat, and he keeps touching my hair like i was a dog or something! freakin A. lol, he did that for like 15 minutes even if i was telling him to stop. He said he's addicted to my hair cause it's so soft & smooth. haha so funny, bea was hella laughing. So we were on our way to jollibee (hell yeaaaa lol) but then bea was telling us how christopher (my other long-time buddy) went back here already!! I haven't seen him for 2 years because he went back to the philippines to study there for a while, but now he's back!! so i called him and i told him we're picking him up, and then yea, we did. aawwww christopher!! you haven't changed! makulit parin lol. then we went to jollibee, and since i had money, i treated all five of em (including luigi cause he followed us haha) and then yea, so much fun!!! people were looking at us cause freakin luigi and gian talks so freakin loud, and they were checking girls out, like the ones who work there. haha so effin funny, me and bea pretended like we were on the phone and walked away from them, pretending we don't even know them hahaha. nakakahiya kasi!

then we went to that filipino grocery store, and bought some filipino chips! yeeeyyy yummy! then my mom had to pick me up, =( but still, it was a FUN day! my stomach hurted from laughing so much lol. we're such a buncha weirdoes put together haha. i miss them alreadddyy! =D

btw, i only have 3 classes a day, so my classes don't start til 8:30 in the morning. it's not too much but it's pretty sweet right? compare it to other students whose classes starts at 7am.. sucks for them! while i get to sleep in for an hour more. hehe yeeeyy! one thing that sucks though, all my classes are HONORS classes!!! what the hell is up with these teachers/councelors?? they think i'm too damn smart or something? well i'm not! ..sooooo NOT! grrrrr.

Monday, March 5, 2007

goodbye world?

I'm probably the last one to know about this, but what the heck? The world will end at 2011?

So, by that time, i'll be 21. OMG. I don't wanna die. lol. Seriously though, I don't believe in these kinda things but it's just scary to come up with something like that.
The theory came from the Aztec Calendar, Calander, Calender? whatever. I didn't really undrestand it but it states something like the world will once again end the second cycle in 2011, leaving it into another ice age.

I don't know if this is possible, but who knows? Maybe it'll be like that movie "The Day after Tomorrow" where the ice melts and the cold fresh water goes to the ocean and temperature of ocean drops rapidly, creating some kind of storms which leads to other storms creating an ice age...
---but then again, that's just in movies.

Gawd, i don't want the world to end! Please no! (not that I believe this theory, but what if it IS true? nooooo.) But think about it in a positive way... the next time you tell someone to 'rot in hell', they'll have a 1/4 chance of actually doing it in 2011. haha

But seriously, whataver happens, happens. I guess the only thing we can do is to just live each day to the fullest...

Saturday, March 3, 2007

almost forgot i have a blog.

yeaaa. been a long time since i last posted. i missed this!

so, a lot has been happening.

1. it's been a week since PBB started. i'm addicted once again.
2. family problems left and right. can't help but feel sorry for my mom. she's in the middle of everything. hope THEY know what they're doing. please naman, they don't know kung gaano nila nasasaktan mom ko. kapal ha. karma please take care of them. haaaay naku.
3. charish coming over from san diego next week. :) she's staying here for 5 days. gimik nanaman! wooo.
4. been cleaning the house the whole week. nagyayari pala ang himala?


gotta do my homeworks pa..

Thursday, February 8, 2007

chucks, chucks, and more chucks!

So after 30 minutes, here i am again, posting another entry. haha can't sleep eh. kakainis talaga when you're so used to sleeping at 2 or 3 in the morning. parang you can't adjust na to sleep early. plus, i will be gone for 4 days right? so post lang ng post while i can. hehe

so i was surfing the net, and look what i stumbled upon..

chucks! i particularly love the style of this one! i want it, i want it!! and have i ever mentioned how addicted i am to these things? i have about 7 pairs now and my mom thinks i'm going nuts. personally? i don't really think 7 pairs is TOO much. i mean c'mon. and what can i do? i just can't get enough of them. especially this one, wow look at it. i want oneee! just looking at it makes me drool. i swear! i'm so gonna save up for this one.

mom.. if for some weird, out-of-this-world reason you found this site and you're reading this right now... PLEASE? ;)